Administrative Citation Management

A true web-based system

Our Administrative program was established to meet the needs of our clients who issue administrative citations for various Municipal Code violations such as violations from “No Smoking”, “No Loitering”, “No Fireworks” and even “Limited RV Parking”. There are often multiple levels of fines that can be issued progressively for each violation. These fines are cumulative and citations may be issued each day the violation exists. A warning, if issued, would not incur a fine and, therefore, may not be appealed. In many cases these violations are sent to collections if they remain unpaid.

Our program is an on-line system available using the Internet. It is a true web-based system that will only require the client to have Internet Explorer to fully access the data. This feature provides the ability for our clients (proper security level required) to enter and view data such as Phone Notes, Voids, Dismissals, Corrections, Payments, Extensions, Promissory Notes, and many other various features.

Many of the same elements for Parking Ticket processing also apply to the same procedures of an Administrative Citation program.

The Administrative Program includes:

  • Data Entry, Real-Time .Net Environment, Remote Data Entry Capability.
  • Inquiry Search Capability By Citation Number and Name.
  • Full Communication with all Handheld Programs.
  • Notice of Violation Mailed Daily.
  • Online Real-Time Citation Inquiries And Remote Updating.
  • Post-Office Box For Incoming Mail And Daily Pickup.
  • Online Payment Processing.
  • Daily Deposits With Immediate Deposit Notification.
  • Credit Card Payments By Web, Customer Service Operators, And IVR.
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Interactive Voice Response System For Public Inquiries.
  • (IVR) Agency Specific Greetings.
  • Telephone Assistance For Public Inquiries, 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Monday to Friday, Excluding Holidays.
  • Administrative Reviews and/or Hearing Services And Tracking.
  • Citation Tracking System Per Operator With Built-In Reminder alerts And Phone Communication notes.
  • Collection Follow-Up Services.
  • Custom User Account Set Up.
  • Daily And Monthly Reports In PDF And Excel Available On The Web.
  • Secured Website And Communications.

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