Residential and Temporary Permits

An on-line Permit System that can easily be modified

Several years ago one of our clients asked us to design a permit program for their residential neighborhoods. They wanted their residents to purchase permits, receive annual renewal letters, verify their residency and also receive free guest permits. Included in this request was the option to view the data using our program for parking citations, We created a program that is still in operation today and have most recently added on-line temporary and guest permits to the application.

Residential Permits

Phoenix Group offers an on-line Permit System that can easily be modified to accommodate any client requirements. The program currently includes the following features and functions:

  • Data Entry and Maintenance screen for issuing and viewing permits.
  • Search mode to find permit information by license plate, location, and contact name or permit number.
  • Printing capability to print new and (reprint) existing permits.
  • Payment Processing, by our customer service or remotely by the client.
    Renewal letter notices.
  • Management reports in PDF and Excel that will identify all activity in the permit system.

Client access to the Permit system is through a web based system in conjunction with our Parking Citation program, After a secure login, the user will have access to both parking permits and citations. Permits may be added or edited remotely with search functions allowing permit specific information by vehicle license plate, location, and contact name or permit number.

Letters of renewal may optionally be generated to the resident or property owner reminding them of renewal requirements for preferential parking permits and requesting payment.

On-Line Temporary Permits

On-line Ability for Public Access to purchase and print a Temporary Permit.

The Temporary on-line permit program includes the following features.

  • City Streets: All streets are loaded into the Permit system that us used when making a permit purchase. Streets that are not eligible will be noted as such and prevent the public from a purchase.
  • Vehicle Type: The type of vehicle is listed as: AUTO, RV or VAN.
  • Day limitation: Limitations are including in the purchase options and may be customized by vehicle type.
  • Automatic email to the address provided by the purchaser.
  • City Link: We will include a link from our website to the City’s site for information to the City ordinance.

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