PHOENIX GROUP Information Systems manages every phase in the life of a parking citation from the time an officer places it on the vehicle through data processing, DMV communications, Notice of Illegal Parking, and review/hearing disposition or payment.

WINCITE, The Parking Citation Management System, is a mature, proven product. Local municipalities have employed Phoenix Group for facilitating their parking citation processing for many years with complete satisfaction. WINCITE provides the capability to process citations issued to both out-of-state and instate (California) vehicles.

Through the use of our comprehensive systems, and our highly motivated professional staff, we, at Phoenix Group provide our clients with the most complete, cost-effective data processing service available.

With over 250 clients and more than 70 years of experience among key personnel, we hope your agency will take the time to check our references to find we have provided our clients with the respect and services needed to get the job done right.

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